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Cash machine/ATM

You can get cash from any ATM in town. Here is a map of all the cash machines in Kristiansand. You can also withdraw cash in most grocery stores.


SIM card - Where can I get a Norwegian sim-card for my phone?

Prepaid SIM cards can be bought from Narvesen or 7Eleven in the city centre, as well as in many convenience stores. If you wish to buy a SIM card, please make sure to bring valid ID along with you as this is required for registering your new number. 


Activites in Kristiansand

- Spicheren, a big gym owned by SiA with all the facilites you can think of, including climbing walls and an indoor swimming pool.

- The student sport organization, KSI. They have student teams for football, floorball, climbing, volleyball and much more.

- Join a student organization. UiA have student organizations like choirs, bands, and outdoor activity groups. It's social, you meet Norwegians and others, and its fun. A list of student organizations can be found here 

- Hiking/jogging/running around in the Kristiansand area. Kristiansand has the nicest environment you can imagine. The closest place to campus is Jegersberg (commonly called Jegers). Jegers is the neighbour of the University and has gravel, asphalt and dirt tracks. There are many different alternatives for running/jogging, and you can reach some hikings paths from them. We highly recommend you to bring a disposable grill(or even better a small and cheap reuseable one) and some BBQ food to the lake 15 minutes away from Campus. Jegersberg is situated behind (north of) the University, next to "Hokus Pokus" the kindergarden.

- Check out local trips and and recommended activites on Tripadvisor.

- Find some new friends, pack your bags, and go experience Norway by train, rental car, bus and plane.


Other useful information about Norway

Rules for buying alcohol in Norway:

Products with 4,7% alcohol or less can be bought in grocery stores. In grocery stores, alcohol can only be bought between 08.00 and 20.00 on Monday to Friday. On Saturdays you can buy it from 08.00 to 18.00, and on Sundays it's illegal to sell alcohol.

If you want to buy products with more than 4,7% alcohol (strong beer, wine, liquor), you have to buy this at Vinmonopolet (the wine monopoly). Opening hours at Vinmonopolet is Monday to Fridays 10.00 to 18.00, and Saturdays 10.00 to 15.00. Sundays closed. Like most other countries, drink in public is not allowed in Norway, nor at Campus. The prices in bars and clubs are generally high compared to other countries, most Norwegians therefore do pre-parties. The bars and clubs close their sales at 02.00(by law), so make sure you're not too late out to meet your friends. 

Age limit: Everything that is about 20% or below can be bought after you have turned 18. Alcohol stronger than around 20% can't be bought unless you have turned 20.