The language café is a meeting point for those interested in learning or practicing a new language, or brushing up on an old one. It will be a new event starting in Kristiansand in the spring semester of 2018, and is open for everyone. This will be a great way to meet people from different countries, and we aim to make it a relaxed environment where it will be easy to practice speaking a new language.

So how will the language café work? Glad you asked! When you arrive for the event, you will receive a sticker where you write down whick language(s) you speak, in order of fluency. You then place this sticker on your chest. That way, you can look for other people that speak the same language that you want to learn, and vice versa!

Every event will have a different theme, to make it easier to find something to talk about. We hope this event will help you improve your language skills and meet new people, all at once! So, if you’re either an international student, or a Norwegian, and want to learn a new language, this is a perfect opportunity for you! We hope you are as excited as we are! 

The language café will be located in Lilletunstorva in the cantina at UiA campus Kristiansand , every other wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00. Everyone is welcome -participation is free!