Packing your bags


Essential items to bring with you to Norway:

  • Valid passport (even though you can enter Norway with an ID card, this is not accepted if you want to open a bank account)

  • Copies of passport

  • Passport photos

  • Tickets/travel documents

  • VISA/Master Card/ACCESS and/or traveller’s cheques. USD and EURO can also be easily exchanged

  • A small amount of cash. Euros or other currencies are not normally accepted in Norwegian shops

  • Phone numbers and email addresses of emergency contacts at home and at UiA

  • Visa granted by UDI (if applicable)

  • Your Letter of Admission from the University of Kristiansand

  • European Health Insurance card / private insurance documents

  • Insurance arrangements for any accident, illness, injury, loss or damage to persons or property

  • Translated prescriptions for medications you take and a fresh supply of prescription medicines. Please note that the exact prescription drug may not be available for you in Norway

Other items to pack:

  • Necessary items for the bedroom like bed linen/sleeping bag and towel. The dorms are only equipped with basic furniture, no pillows/duvets/bed spread/kitchen equipment is provided. (You can also purchase it at IKEA/Jysk at a reasonable price)

  • Clothes and shoes that are suitable for cold weather in the winter or rainy days. Wool and thick winter jacket is good, remember that it can also rain a lot in Kristiansand, and that the weather changes and varies a lot up here

  • Adapters for electrical appliances, if necessary (Norwegian standard outlets use 230 volts), and chargers for all the electronics you’re planning to bring

  • Favourite recipes and items for sharing your culture with others: music, photographs etc.

  • Don't forget your camera!


All SiA student dorms are rented out without any bedding, kitchen equipment, etc. International students arriving at SiA student dorms have the option to order a package with pillow, duvet and bedlinen, which will be ready in your room when you arrive. SiA will contact you per email after you have accepted your housing contract, with information on how to order this package. You will be billed for this on your first rent payment. The price for this will be NOK 422,-

Also note that there are no kitchenware in SiA kitchens! It is thus recommended that you either bring or buy some basic utensils so you can make do until you get to IKEA (only a short bus ride away from the city center).

ESN Agder recommends you to buy this package, as it saves you from a lot of stress during your first days in Norway. We would also like to emphasize that NOK 422 is a good price for a package like this.